So you want to be a Community Manager, huh? Do you fit the job description?


Social media is spreading like wildfire and companies are becoming more aware of the need for a universal team member to control the social media platform and engage the community. A Community Manager’s role is complex and requires balance, organization, and multitasking. A day in the life of a Community Manager is anything but dull; it is a 24/7 job because social media never sleeps. The roles and responsibilities of the Community Manager entail a new set of objectives and challenges from one day to the next so the ability to adapt to varying situations is an understatement.

A well-qualified Community Manager will epitomize a Jack (or Jackie) of all trades: Developer, Cultivator, Advocator, Moderator, Communicator, Listener, Collaborator, Troubleshooter, and Customer Service Representative. The responsibilities of a Community Manager are as follows but certainly not limited to solely these commitments:

Develop and strengthen current relationships by being the face of the brand. A Community Manager’s passion brings value to the company.

Cultivate new relationships; engage new users and be transparent. This builds trust between the community and the brand that there are no hidden agendas.

Advocate for the community online and offline. Members feel valued when they are given a voice. It is crucial to serve in the best interest of the community.

Communicate and participate. Share information, ideas and future plans for the brand. Make yourself available to your community and exemplify your true personality.

Listen and empathize. It is vital to know your audience and your stakeholders. The Community Manager should validate their needs, concerns and comments.

Monitor posts and mediate discussions within the community.

Troubleshoot unexpected setbacks, negative comments, and put out fires with a rapid response. This commands patience and keeping a level-head, no matter what or how big the obstacle. “Never let them see you sweat.”

Customer Service is the key to success in most professions – it conveys respect. Great service includes bending over backwards for community members. You are happy when they are happy. And just because you are behind the social media screen doesn’t mean you are hidden from view, so smile, smile, and smile some more.

As social media continues to encompass our world, the many trades of the Community Manager will grow. The Community Manager is an invaluable resource to the face of a company’s brand, so the expectations of a potential candidate are intense and not for the average Joe (or Jack). So, do you still want to be a Community Manager?


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  1. Hi Kendra!
    First, this is one of my favorite quotes from your blog post:

    “A day in the life of a Community Manager is anything but dull; it is a 24/7 job because social media never sleeps.”

    Why, social media never sleeps. Your organization or company’s brand never sleeps. Gone are the days when we didn’t have a voice regarding how or what we feel about the brand’s value. (Written surveys and phone calls to CSR)

    I also like how you provided a list of roles for the Community Manager (CM). Nice list. And most of all, you followed up well with a metaphor to still ask the question after reading such a nice and detailed post. And yes, most CEO’s, Directors and more are fooled by just how much work should go into developing a social media campaign and the responsibilities of the CM.

    Great post!


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