The Community Manager Footprint

With customer communication becoming one of, if not the most important pathway of business, demand for effective community managers is on the rise. Community managers are the voice of the brand in this intensely growing social media centered world. The roles and responsibilities of community managers can be broad and large, but the end goal for businesses is generally the same, more business! This is achieved through customer acquisition, customer development, and ultimately, customer retention, or in other words, brand loyalty.

Community_managerCommunity managers are the composers of community involvement. In general, the main role of a community manager is to promote the brand on social networks by stimulating community involvement and conversation.  Community managers are active in the online community by creating a social persona.  With their persona, they actively communicate in a way that will educate and boost awareness of their brand.  Another key objective for community managers is to engage new users. Customer acquisition is the first step in building a loyal online community.  Without educating and engaging new users, the business and the brand would never grow.

A “vision for the future of work” is considered a top characteristic of a firms community manager. Community managers must have a game plan for what they want the image of their brand to look like. With this vision, community managers manage the content and social feeds of their online communities. This requires monitoring all digital channels of the community.  This involves making sure the right tone, topics, and opportunities have been stay-calm-i-m-a-community-managercreated in the community. This also involves eliminating possible threats to the brand and its identity. Community managers constantly monitor feeds, deleting negative posts or feeds, and encouraging ones that they believe will benefit the brand. This opens the door to another key role of community managers which is to be first line of defense if a PR crisis occurs.  Having a direct persona with the community, community managers have the ability to potentially sway the negative PR and eliminate it from exploding.

Community managers are the educators of the brand to the community.  They act as a representative for individuals as well as the entire community. They are a knowledgable resource that is available to support the brand and the community.  In doing so, customer development that educates customers and keeps them coming back is achieved. The many roles of a community manager are driven to create customer retention. Community managers listen, respond, share, drive, coordinate, report, and provide support to the community in order to develop a community that becomes loyal to the brand and to each other. In addition to the many roles of a community manager, they must also be able to support relevant business functions such as sales, marketing, PR, and customer service.

The many roles and characteristics of a community manager to create a community that is loyal to the brand.

There is no question as to why community managers are growing in demand. Taking a further look at their roles shows how crucial they to a business. Community managers stimulate awareness, value, and preference of the brand in the eyes of the community through a specific strategy. Having the face of the the brand online, it is extremely important for community managers to be well organized, and have a very good process for what kind of image they want to create for their brand in their online community.

As a community manager, what footprint will you leave on your community?

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  1. Your post thoroughly explained the role of a community manager without sounding like a textbook. Personally, I found this difficult to do. You made clever comparisons and used images strategically. Thanks for the good read 🙂


  2. Evan, great first assignment. Nicely developed content. REALLY well written content. And I love this pull quote:
    “Community managers are the composers of community involvement. In general, the main role of a community manager is to promote the brand on social networks by stimulating community involvement and conversation.”

    Of course you covered other roles of the Community Manager, but I loved the above pull quote with the accompanying metaphor because it really summed up, especially for those who do not understand the role of a good Community Manager.

    Thank you for giving credit for the images used.
    Again, I really liked your content. Good writing!


    1. Professor Vann,
      Thank you for your positive feedback. This was my first ever blog post so I was happy to hear that you enjoyed my content and writing.
      Thank you again!


  3. Evan,

    I really enjoyed your post. I thought the title was catchy and the images you used tied perfectly into what you were saying. The way you compared the community manager to the “composers of the community” was very creative, and the image that followed couldn’t have been more appropriate. Going along with this, your paper flowed great and was easy to follow. Looking at the readings, you did a great job of incorporating everything into one post. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.


  4. Evan, I liked how each of your paragraphs described and defined a separate key component of being a community manager (composer, game planner, and educator). The footprint photo couldn’t have fit more perfectly for this post and I think you did a great job connecting all the footprints together in making us realize how big of a role the community manager plays in the social media world as well as the regular work world itself. Nicely done!


  5. Evan, I enjoyed reading your post especially how you brought in the characteristics of a community manager and how they directly influence the roles a community manager plays. I did not see that connection before when writing my own post and it is spot on. I thought the flow of your post made it very easy to read. I loved the use of your images and how you tied in the “Keep Calm” trend to keep your post relevant as well as your metaphor as the Community Manager being a conductor in the social media world.


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