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Record-Guy-300x300As online community management (social media) continues to grow, businesses are now working harder than ever to keep up with the times as well as keep up-to-date with their customers. To me, the roles of a community manager deal with creating a content strategy, delivering and keeping up with your social media content, interacting with and building an audience, and doing it all on a consistent basis to keep customers coming back and wanting more! No matter what business you are currently in; if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You are already apart of being a community manager and you don’t even know it!


My dad started his business “High Energy Mobile DJs” right after he graduated high school and has been doing it ever since along with his other insurance job. I picked up the family microphone and started DJing weddings, bar shows, as well as high school dances when I turned 18. Looking at how much I’ve helped my dad and the company by creating the business Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as other pages for people searching for DJ’s; I’ve realized I myself have become a community manager. The successful practices for being a DJ or an online community manager, are astonishingly quite similar. In both cases, you are bringing together and arranging the best mix of content from various sources to create an intriguing content stream. The content can originate with others, but has to include self-generated content, too. Meaning I can mix and play all the best music, but without an interactive and talkative DJ, the show won’t flow as well nor be as much fun. That’s why the company is named “High Energy”, we bring the energy for you so you can relax a little more!

delivering-happiness-core-valuesLisa Buyer, President and CEO of “The Buyer Group” wrote an article on that featured this picture and content of “secrets every community manager should know”. Many of these influential secrets relate to my world of being a DJ, but these also help define the role of being a community manager.

1. Be true to your (weird) self. Live with passion and purpose.

2. Think, say and do in harmony and in consideration of others.

3. Communicate with honesty and respect.

4. Have fun and think full. 50 percent air + 50 percent water = 100 percent full.

5.. Inspire and be inspired.

6. Be humble, be grateful.

7. Build community and meaningful relationships.

8. Keep your heart + mind open and aligned. Keep growing and learning.

9. Be like MacGyver and Bruce Lee. Do more with less, be creative and adventurous, and fluid like water.

10. Create change in the world more than you ever thought possible

Along with these great words of wisdom, here are several other ways myself and other DJs alike could approach online community management:

Create a signature style for your content. Much like creating your Facebook or Twitter page, DJs have to develop their own style of clothing, attitude, and of course music. Plan and adapt to your content; meaning know what you plan on playing and doing for your upcoming show, but also know the things your customers would want to see on your social media sites. If you receive bad feedback, adapt and move on! Always be listening for new material; listen to find what the next big social media is, what is trending, and what will get people’s attention; just like DJs are always listening for new songs and dances to bring to their shows to get the crowd up and moving.

Observe and learn from other community managers and DJs; if you’re not sure how to operate a certain social media site then look at other businesses social media sites and learn to see how they approach their customers. Same way with DJs learning how other DJs interact with the crowd, and how they progress through their shows. The biggest tip I can offer to both DJs and community managers is to be an engaging personality! Be enthusiastic, inviting, interested in your community, and “smiling” in an online kind of way. Doing these things attracts and grows a follower base. As for the DJ perspective, the more energy you bring, the more excitement you show to your crowds (especially at weddings), the more fun everyone will have and usually the more money you will make! 🙂

The final 2 comparisons I can make is bringing variety as much as you can and solicit audience feedback. When creating your social media, try to diversify your content in a way that the people will want to keep following you as well as want to learn more about you. Also when you do start to succeed with your online management, ask all your fans or followers feedback questions. Get to know your customers and try to satisfy all their needs as much as you can. Comparing that to the DJ side, you don’t want to be repetitive in every transition you make from song to song, you don’t want to be like all the other DJs, you want to be different and make the crowd remember you and have them tell their friends so you can get more business down the road. Also just as a common courtesy for most DJs, it’s good to call your clients a day or two after your show to see what went well and maybe what went wrong. Also by doing so, you might be offered to come back again or may be referred to other potential clients!

So I ask you, What’s your community management style?


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  1. Ethan, really great article. Its nice to hear first hand from a community manager about what creating social media awareness can do for one’s company. I especially liked the list of tips you shared as to how to be successful at what you do. Nice job!


  2. Ethan, this is an awesome post. And I loved how you not only added one metaphor to tie into your content, but more than one, to keep the imagination flowing while reading. And you did an excellent job of relating the importance of sharing and giving back to your community, especially those who you are trying to share the value of your brand with (so they can eventually purchase/buy your brand, i.e, services or products) with your passion for DJ’ng.

    Very good job. You read the resource material on being a Community Manager well.

    Thanks for giving credit/thanks for the images used in your post.


  3. Ethan,

    Great job on your first post! I enjoyed the way you connected your personal life as a DJ with the roles of the community manager. The fact that you were able to bring personal insight shows that you truly do understand the importance of a community manager. I also liked how you explained the importance of getting to know your customers and engaging with them by asking questions and encouraging feedback. I think this is definitely an important part of making your customer happy. Keep up the good work!


  4. Ethan, great post! I thought the creative title and featured pictures were very eye catching. Your personal connection with the subject was really refreshing and insightful. It was helpful for me to see how these roles are applied. Some of your suggestions were really helpful as well. I trying something new in the social media realm for my business with ItWorks and your tips were really helpful in getting an idea of what I’ll need to do in the near future.


  5. Ethan,
    I enjoyed your blog post. I feel like I got a look at what a community manager is from a different set of eyes. It is very cool that you have a little of your own experience with community management in the DJ business. I liked the link of your pictures to your content. It was interesting to see the list of roles of a community manager for someone that is a DJ and kind of see how they differ a little bit from maybe another type of business. Your post was very good and gave me a new perspective.


    1. Thanks Evan! I wasn’t really sure what all to do with this assignment but after reading yours and Hanna’s I just tried my best to explain through my eyes as well as defining the roles from a DJ perspective. I’m glad you understood and enjoyed the post!


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