Are you my Community Manager?

As social media marketing continues to grow, so does the staffing needs of many businesses.  We now need more than just some young, tech savvy kid to help us with our “tweets” and  post photos on Instagram.  We have moved into the world where we need someone to take our brands from having a million “likes” to a million paying customers.  We need someone to bring us to a whole other level!

When we talk about social media management, the community manager and the social media manager of any business play two very important (if often blurred) roles in creating and distributing a brand’s content to its viewers across multiple social networks.  A social media manager is going to work on developing the content and placing into the social media world, essentially creating and strategically marketing a brand. A community manager is going to take that brand into the online community and boost awareness with potential customers. They are going to be focusing on engaging new customers and growing the business.  Community managers also work on content and spend a great amount of time mediating and monitoring discussions with customers as well.


Community Mangers have many responsibilities both to the company/brand and its staff as well as the current and potential customers.  (see below)

community manager roles

Communication & Customer Support: They are the main link between the company and its community, both planned and emergency communication.  They also highlight any issues that emerge while they provide strong authority. They are to answer and/or provide a process to solve member/customer problems or any issues with the company, product or community.  Remembering to always remain community-minded when problem solving.

Content Developer & Brand Booster: Constantly creating new and interesting facts from the company and about the community.  It can be video, pictures, forums, updates or blogging.  They need to emit a passion for the brand(s) and being a walking billboard for the type of people that company wants to attract. This will usually involve them becoming an active participant in the community they are interested in.

Facilitation/Moderation: They are the conversation starter and referee in user generated discussions and community debate both in and out of the community.  Always being the conscience of the community/customer from inside the company and keeping track of what’s being said both inside the community and in the external world to resolve issues while enforcing rules.

Research Filter: They must synthesize the community’s feedback and then analyze it to make  suggestions that company executives can act on

Events Host:  They should exist as the face in both online and offline events to create a sense of presence and leadership at community occasions

Program Manager/Administrator & Strategist:  They are responsible for running the community from staffing and going to events, developing content and platforms for community engagement, to investments and maintaining sponsors. They help develop new applications and platforms for community engagement

Recruiting, Social Networking and Outreach: Recruiting new members into the community wherever they exist to create new and connected paying customers.

Technical: They must manage and support the key online interaction with members/customers

Internal Trainer: Being the promoter inside a company and encouraging employee involvement and demystifying the world of tech and social media that is supporting the community

Product Educator: They must be the guru and expert on the entirety of the brands/products the community is supporting.

It’s easy to see why this position is vital to the success of any social media marketing plan.  Not only are the community managers developing content and dispersing it to their viewers, but they are nourishing a community! They are watering the seeds they have already planted while they tend to the flowers that have already blossomed.  Then, they’re going our and planting more seeds!


Images courtesy of Visual Ly; Wiki Brands; and Pix Shark respectfully.



  1. Hanna, nice work on your post. I like how you captured the responsibilities of a community manager. You presented the information in a very creative way and made me aware of roles that I had not even thought of.


  2. Very thorough, Hanna! I love that you began with a visual of the community manager’s responsibilities and then went on to describe each one in detail. I think that is very effective for those of us who are visual learners. I also enjoyed your analogy at the end that describes a community manager’s role in “nourishing a community.” Well done!


  3. Hanna, very nicely done with creativity and definitions of explaining the roles of being a community manager! The way you broke down the Top Community Manager responsibilities photo and thoroughly explained them, definitely made the article easier to read and a lot easier to understand. Great job blending in your conclusion with your photos as well! Definitely opened up my eyes to certain aspects I did not think about when typing my article.


  4. Hanna, I enjoyed reading your blog post. First, I thought you were very creative with your title and use of images in your post. I liked the way you tied your conclusion into your seed image. Second, I thought you had some really good content. After completing my post I read yours and found even more roles and responsibilities that I was not even quite fully aware of. I thought your content was very well organized, and your post was very creative.


  5. Hanna! Very, very good post. You captured the responsibilities and the level of engagement that the Community Manager not only has with its internal team, i.e., CEO, Directors and Managers, but also the responsibilities that the Community Manager has to it’s external brand advocates.
    Also, I like that you included one very important point, for the Community Manager to always remain open-minded when solving issues, especially those regarding the value of the brand or the service behind the brand when dealing with the online Community.

    Excellent JOB!

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    1. Thank you! I was a bit confused with the first blog I read said that the Social Media Manager was responsible for creating content and the Community Manger was responsible for taking the brand to new potential customers because the other blogs I read after said that a Community Manger created content as well. So I went with the majority rule and assumed that a social media director is on a team with the community manager which makes sense for customer feedback purposes.


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