Social Media Monitoring

SAS and KDPaine & Partners won an award of excellence in 2010 for their innovations in social media research. Analytic software and services were developed through research on how to improve social media monitoring to make it a comprehensible measurement for businesses. In the case study challenges were met, but goals were achieved.
Question 1: There were issues that had to be addressed while SAS worked toward developing a tool to measure social media mentions. These issues were accuracy, timeliness and context and clarity of data. Accuracy was a challenge because the abbreviation SAS pulled unrelated acronyms, not having to do with the business, into the information collected. Timeliness and clarity of data were issues because there needed to be quick decision making and understanding of the data being processed to shape strategy. There were also no standardized collection techniques for social media, so guidelines needed to be implemented to better understand the information they were obtaining.
Question 2: In developing their social media monitoring tool, the goal was to create a set of metrics that was reliable, accurate and useful for businesses. This information would help them to make better decisions when it came to marketing their product.
Question 3: To overcome challenges they were facing, SAS had to develop a collection method that could be used by all businesses. Coding categories were developed for tracking to ensure that this collection method was delivering relevant data. They also had ti understand and define terms commonly used in social media. They had to recognize and group like terms through ongoing research that tested these definitions, categories, and coding results. Because social media is so popular a hybrid coding methodology was developed to allow researchers to organize massive amounts of information while conducting analysis across each of these variables.
Question 4: The strategies of SAS paid off, as shown on their results section of this case study. SAS now has a dashboard that is accessible any time of the day, any time of the year that can readily produce reports that monitor when the company, their product, or certain department of SAS is mentioned. They can now establish a correlation between data and online activity, which shows the engagement of audiences and outcomes of various programs. With the KDPaine team watching social media trends, SAS gets up to the date information through consultations, which allows for strategy improvements and successes. Benchmarks were set as to which programs, in the future, could be judged. These benchmarks show SAS how their media coverage is in comparison to competitors, along with how their own numbers in social media has changed over the years.
2014 trends for social media monitoring are:
• Businesses establishing their social media “dream” team. This will include marketing, PR, sales and customer service coming together to focus on the same ultimate goal and create quality content.
• Social media teams will get a larger budget to work with, as businesses are recognizing them to be a vital part of the company, worth investing in.
• Social media ROI will be easier to establish, and will be more accepted than previously
• Mobile will become more important than it has been. It may become the main device that consumers use to access social content, companies should make content specific to mobile users
• Images will become vitally important to have in social media, as this drives more attention and engagement from customers
• Businesses should implement creative contests, as this will increase engagement and traffic from consumers
• Social media sites you will want to be connected to in 2014: Pinterest (fastest growing site that refers traffic), Twitter direct is going to allow marketers to send direct messages to consumers, LinkedIn is the best networking site for professionals, and Google+ will continue to grow in popularity, gaining new users
Social media aims to create customer engagement and communication between organizations and consumers. This will be a vital networking and engagement tool for businesses to use in 2014. Having a way to track where traffic is coming from will be essential when determining current and future marketing campaigns. Incorporating best practices and staying up to date on the latest social media monitoring trends will ensure successful marketing online.



  1. I agree on the favorite line. I think that the more resources are put into using Social to attain ROI (hard and soft) the easier it will get to find it. I also think that having employees who are proficient in different forms of social media will help with it as well.


  2. Heather,
    Nice post and response to questions.

    Also, I like the top sites you selected as the fastest growing “and why.”

    And my favorite “Social media ROI will be easier to establish, and will be more accepted than previously.”


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