What happens in the running club stays on Facebook, YouTube, FourSquare, Instagram,…….


Policy.  It can be a dirty word, especially in the social media world.  But why?  Inadquate social media policies often limit and discourage social media engagement.  However, greatly written social media policies should support, protect, and empower engagement.  Strong social media policies can create organizational ambassadors.

In order to create policies that work, the following should be implemented:

1. Team involvement. A team approach ensures that risk areas of managed correctly. 

2. Create culture.  Utilize a direct link between internal organizational policies and culture. Make sure everyone knows the culture and acts accordingly.

3. Don’t let your policies collect dust.  Review the policies and make necessary changes.


Social Media Guidelines and Policies for the Fond du Lac Running Club:

1. I will be a good ambassador.  I am always aware that my behaviors and opinions reflect on the Fond du Lac Running Club.  I will update my posts and comments accordingly.  When I am in doubt of my posting, I will not post.

2. I will post using the correct event logos as well as the current Fond du Lac Running Club logo.  I will follow sponsorship guidelines as post correct sponsor logos as contracted.

3. I will obtain permission to post from the Publicity Director.  I will follow the code of conduct and the board bylaws for the Fond du Lac Running Club.

4. I will be conscious when mixing my business and personal lives.  I understand my personal and business doings are likely to intersect.  I will keep this in mind as I discuss club events personally and organizationally.

5. I will fully disclose I am affiliated with the Fond du Lac Running Club when working on running/walking events. 

6. When posting and sharing other event details, training plans (not Fond du Lac Running Club specific), other event discounts, and other event photos, I will give credit where it is due and will not violate others’ rights.  I will not claim authorship of something that is not mine.  I will credit others if I am sharing their post or utlizing their content.

7. I will remember that the internet never forgets.  Everything I post stays online for a long time. 

This form will be signed by any person associated with a Fond du Lac Running Club event, with the exception of participants. 



  1. I like that you began by giving an overview of your post. I neglected to do so in mine, but I think it made yours stick out some. I particularly like policy #7 because it holds true to what Cd mentioned in class about “dissolving your brand.” You need to be careful what you put online.


  2. I really enjoy your delicate comment regarding mixing business with personal life. It is realistic that those would intersect and having a policy that acknowledges that I think build trusts with the audience. No one wants to feel like that they are under a microscope during work especially with places that engage in social media. You want to be yourself and I think that this was a great way to set solid boundaries on this exact situation.


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