Social Media Police….I mean Policy

Social media is essential to building trust and community networking. If allowing multiple employees, or even employees to be friends with and post on behalf of the company, a policy is necessary to ensure preservation of the company reputation. Although social media may on the surface look like all fun and games, it is a very delicate dance that can be ruined if one person stumbles.

Central Waters Brewery is a sustainable brewery in Central Wisconsin and also happens to be located in my back yard. Since moving up here, I have enjoyed many a brew at there bar table and also have perused their blog, twitter, Facebook page and website. I have taken the liberty to construct a policy for such an establishment.

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Thou Shall Identify; When posting either for Central Waters brewery, with CWB or on your own, identify yourself as so. Remember, when posting for or individually you are representing the CWB and engaging in its community. What you say, what you share have a direct impact on CWB.

Thou Shall Research; When posting for CWB in any shape form or fashion, know what you are talking about. Do not post on rumor, hunches, and opinions that have not been thoroughly researched and proven correct.

Thou Shall Give Credit where Credit Is Due; Do not steal thoughts, information or ideas. If you like something and feel it represents CWB and our organization and feel it should be shared within our community, give props to whom deserves it.

Thou Shall be Attentive; Post often, visit often, and make sure to engage with the audiences. Be attentive of wishes and needs of your audience and post accordingly so.

Thou Shall be Cautious; Be mindful of what you’re posting and the audience you reach. You represent CWB and our brand, therefore what you say can help but also hurt that brand.

Thou Shall Screen; Before you post, re-read what you are posting for spelling and grammar errors. Be well spoken, well written and well constructed. Have another employee look over what you are posting for other errors or inaccuracy. No need to rush!

Thou Shall have Fun; Our social media is for engaging, networking and building relationships. Remember to connect, have fun, check in, and promote CWB when you can. Invite your friends to drink sustainable beer with us and be merry :)…



  1. Along with the others, I think the ten commandments idea was very creative. The last note about having fun was perfect for the brewery too. I did a research project on CWBC last semester, and after looking at their Facebook posts I think the line “our social media is for engaging, networking, and building relationships” is perfect. Also, I feel like this policy would definitely fit in with their goofy, yet smart, staff. Nice job, and fun to read!


  2. Oh heck,

    I love it. I heard thunder and a very clear Morgan Freeman “God like voice” speaking to me when I read your Ten Commandments. Cool, very cool and creative. But taking the fun away, very clear, concise and well thought out.

    My favorite line:

    “Although social media may on the surface look like all fun and games, it is a very delicate dance that can be ruined if one person stumbles.”

    Wow, what a great metaphor that sums up the relationship between the fun side of social media ( the party) and the serious side of social media ( the dance.)

    Excellent post Ali. Great creative content.


  3. I like the Ten Commandments setup. I think it adds a fun twist and makes the topic seem a little less “serious” – in a good way. Employees do not like to be told they cannot do this and that, so this wording makes it a little less….. blunt.


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