Creating Content that Creates Connections – YMCA Social Media Policies


All YMCA employees who wish to be administrators for the Stevens Point Area YMCA’s Facebook, YouTube and future social media channels must agree to observe and abide by the following technology and social media guidelines and policies.

1. I agree that as a YMCA employee, I must receive permission from the head Administrator prior to:

  •  Using logos, names, photographs or text that is property of the YMCA.
  •  Creating content that contains photographs of YMCA members and staff.
  •  Creating group pages on different social media channels.

2. I have permission to create content in formats including: video, text, news, audio, interviews and other forms approved by the head administrator.

  •  Include videos or images when able, to enhance written content.
  •  Post content that can be cited and related to factual data from reliable resources.

3. I agree to ensure that queries on social media channels are responded to in a timely manner.

4. I agree to avoid the following when posting content on behalf of the YMCA:

  •  Using vulgar language, jargon, slang or words/phrases that may offend others
  •  Voicing opinions that the YMCA does not support or posting content that promotes inappropriate or controversial topics.
  •  Sounding arrogant – Content should be created to bring members and the brand onto the same level.
  •  Being too chatty – Keep posts brief and stay on subject.
  •  Sharing confidential information that could reflect badly on the YMCA or the community.

5. I agree to Follow Y Graphic Standards from the Y-USA if creating graphic content:

6. I will align content with the YMCA mission, vision and values. Posting with these values in mind ensures that posts enhance the connection between the YMCA and its members.

7. I understand that my posts and content may be deleted if I violate any of these policies, and depending on the extent of my violation, it could result in disciplinary action including the possible termination of my employment.

It is important that you remember that when you identify yourself as a YMCA staff and/or post on behalf of the Stevens Point Area YMCA via social media including, but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, blogs or any future social media channels, anything you say or post can be seen as a reflection of the YMCA, even if you do not intend it to do so or state otherwise. With that in mind, we encourage you to post freely and express your personality to promote YMCA programs, events and services in a way that aligns with the mission and values of the YMCA and engages the community.

I have read and understand the above guidelines and agree to their terms.

Staff Signature                              Date


Head Administrator                        Date



  1. Well said, Sid. I especially like point number 6 and that you included space for signatures that can be saved to show that the policy was explained and agreed to. Another great job!


  2. Great policy Sid,
    Clear, concise, understandable language without making the reader feel as though you do not trust them with engaging with the online community or being a brand evangelist. But clear enough for them to understand their consequences for not respecting and adhering to the social media policy.

    I love points numbers 3 and 4.


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