Baby Belly Swap


Ahhh pregnancy: the excitement, nervousness, and what seems like never ending changes for your body is enough to make a woman feel like she’s having an identity crisis.  Shopping for maternity clothes isn’t helpful either.  You typically have a choice between what appears to be a mumu, awful prints on oversized blouses, or stretchy pajama pants.  It is difficult to feel comfortable in clothes you hate, especially if you were fashion savvy before.  When you’re pregnant you have to give up a lot of things, but is style one of them?

Variety of options is also not common when it comes to maternity clothes.  Some stores sneak a small maternity section in with the other clothing, but options are limited.  It’s like they think that all pregnant women want to wear the same thing so those few options should suffice.  Also, the prices on maternity clothes can be costly.  Who wants to spend their money on expensive clothing that likely won’t fit them next month?  Having a baby costs enough, so shopping for high priced items that you will only wear for a few months seems foolish.

So where can pregnant women obtain stylish, inexpensive maternity wear?

If you want to find inexpensive, fashionable maternity clothes shop at Baby Belly Swap!  The idea behind this business is to create a place where moms to be can shop and feel fashionable throughout their pregnancy without breaking the bank!  This store offers the option to rent or buy clothing.  Pregnant bodies are constantly changing so an outfit that fit three weeks ago may not fit now.  This is the convenience of renting clothes; you could have a new wardrobe every week for a bargain.  The store has a section for new items, a separate section for rental items, and a section for baby clothes up to age two.  We also have the option to shop our online store. 

Donations of maternity and baby clothing from the community are accepted and appreciated.  Please visit our website or stop in the store to get more information. Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time; we want to make your experience with us pleasurable!

Marketing Strategy:

Including this explanation on all advertisements will create awareness and understanding of the brand.  We would advertise via Facebook and Twitter, connecting with available maternity and mommy groups.  Making connections with partners in the community would be essential in getting the word out about the business.

Website, Facebook and Twitter:

·         Daily posts on motherhood, pregnancy, child safety, parenting tips/advice

·         Testimonials from customers

·         Upcoming store events

·         Partner with community agencies who work with pregnant women

·         Updates about new clothes arrivals or new store openings

A calendar for this business would be as follows:

By April 2014: Location of store has been determined.  Create logo for business.  Connect with local community agencies to help create awareness.  Create a website for the store detailing what it is and how it works.  Create a Facebook and Twitter page and connect with local mommy groups to gain more followers

By May 2014: Set up of store has started.  Make a video about Baby Belly Swap showing progression of the store and post to Facebook, Twitter and website.  Continue to work on community partnerships.  Create a brochure to distribute to local community.  Get connected with the Chamber of Commerce. Create policy guidelines for returning, renting or purchasing merchandise in the store and online.

By June 2014: Advertising starts via a press release and the local paper announcing that the store will be open by July 1, 2014.  This will also be advertised via the company’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account.  Start and distribute a newsletter that is sent out monthly discussing parenting tips, child safety, pregnancy concerns, etc.

By July 2014: Store opening! Ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening sale. Advertise via radio and invite public to stop in and check it out!  Launch the online store so customers can start shopping there also.

By August 2014: Continue to advertise via radio, social media sites and company’s website. Monthly staff meetings will be held to keep all employees aware of what is happening and how the store is progressing.

All content must be approved by the social media manager or executive director, unless deemed otherwise.  Content generated to the public must adhere to the following guidelines:


·         Use excited, upbeat tones in the content

·         Explain what products the store carries

·         Invite people to stop in the store or check us out online

·         Mention the fact the we accept donations

·         Use the store logo in advertising

·         Cite where you got the information you are posting about

·         Keep disagreements appropriate and light


·         Use derogatory, offensive or rude language

·         Present your personal opinion as if it is the opinion of the company

·         Represent the company in a false or misleading way

·         Comment on anything related to legal matters

·         Participate in a discussion of a topic that may be considered a crisis situation

The most important thing to remember is that anything you put online could come back to haunt you if you are not careful.  Once content is posted online, it is there forever.  Think about content before you post it; make sure that there is nothing in the message that can be construed as prejudice, sexist, or offensive to anybody else.  In moments of doubt, always get a second opinion from someone else within the company.



  1. I too like your cause and your post. Your strategy seems well thought out, and I like how detailed you got. I think the store will be great, and I think the detail and timeline will help you tremendously in raising awareness and trust in your brand. Good post, and good luck.


  2. Heather,
    Kuddo’s on the idea. This is great. I like your timeline with objectives, tactics and expected results. These are some of the essentials of a good content marketing strategy.

    I like that you know your target audience:

    “connecting with available maternity and mommy groups. Making connections with partners in the community would be essential in getting the word out about the business.”

    Mommy Bloggers are some of the most influential and sought after followers to have because of their ability to influence trust in a brand. Trust (Soft ROI) = Hard ROI

    Because your concept is so great I would also suggest Blog Talk Radio. I have mentioned this in every post because it is an excellent marketing tool and be a great addition to your content strategy. It’s a great way to introduce or reinforce a topic, idea or social cause.

    Have a virtual store opening party using Google Hangout on the same day the store opens. Invite up people who are on Gmail to join the party. Tell them only 10 people can join the virtual store opening party at a time. This really helps to drive traffic to the Google Hangout when you put “standing room only” on your invite.

    Also, nice content marketing guidelines. Concise, not blurry ( no misunderstanding of what you are asking employees to do or not to do) and not insulting or condescending. And not too many rules in either the do or don’t section.

    Great JOB! Good strategy.


  3. What a great idea! It reminds me of Tom Haverford’s store, Rent-A-Swag, on Parks and Recreation. While it turned out to be a profitable (and comical) venture for him to rent his small and stylish man-clothes to “tweens,” your new business is something that will fulfill a real need. I can only imagine what a drag it must be to have to constantly find ways to temporarily supplement a wardrobe over the course of a pregnancy in a way that is practical, comfortable, and hopefully somewhat attractive, while being affordable at the same time. With your strategy, it looks like you have a great start and I wish you much future success!


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