Building from Scratch; Little Foot Creations LLC

This is a little more personal than all my previous posts! In 2013 I created my own company Little Foot Creations LLC. It is beginning as a photography and event designing business but hopefully will blossom into some larger things. Specifically, to own and run and event venue and establish myself as a local photographer.  At this time I am working on building my business and marketing plan and have taken this assignment to use in assisting me in this process.


^This is my nephew in my most recent photoshoot 🙂

Current plans;

Facebook page- up and running with posts usually including photos but not always. Using Facebook to connect with small business in Amherst area.

Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram; Created but have not been used yet

Website; also has blog attached to it with one blog post. Still hidden because the website is primarily under construction

Logo- in third stage of creation, should be finished within a few weeks

marketing materials; in first stage of creating brochures for businesses, thank you cards, business cards and letterhead for invoices.

New implementations;

^My logo in it’s current state, still being worked on with my graphic designer and I.

Work heavily with coffee shops and small cafe’s that have bands. Offer to take photography in exchange for having marketing materials out at their business

Work on building social media circle on instagram, facebook and twitter by connecting with local community businesses. Offer to provide photography for other business facebook page in exchange for a link to my pages on their website.

Advertise immediately with local school districts for senior portraits

Work with non-profit organizations to provide basic event consultation in exchange for exposure and for us of my portfolio and website.

Develop brochures catered to needs and build specific list of businesses to drop off at (By June 30)

Blog building- starting May do a 30 day picture challenge and post and blog about the photography each day.

Blog- in April do a organization tutorial for the blog site incorporating “Spring Cleaning” theme.



Be friendly and courteous

Be honest and constructive

Respect other’s differences

Visit often and tell others



Use vulgar or offensive language

Say anything you wouldn’t say to your mother

Don’t bring personal, political, or religious views



  1. It seems that you have a good grasp on your new photography business. I really like how you have worked with the community (i.e. businesses, schools) to promote your company. Using photography in exchange for advertisement is really budget friendly! I think that a 30 day picture challenge is an excellent idea! It will involve interaction within the community and will help to promote Little Foot Creations. Good luck with your business!


  2. I like the post and the ideas you have to get your business up and running. I think that this course, as you mentioned, will give you a great foundation for starting it up, and you have some solid ideas to go on. I particularly like that you have so many new avenues that it is obvious you did not have or use before including all those Cd mentioned in her comment. Good luck!


  3. Congrats on being in the early stages of getting your website up and running. I like your idea of “Work with non-profit organizations to provide basic event consultation in exchange for exposure and for use of my portfolio and website”. This will help you with exposure, and I am sure that non-profits would be more than happy to accept event consultations at no cost to them! Great strategy for starting your business!


  4. First, my passion will always be to support entrepreneurs (unGeeked and Magazine Soho) . Congratulations.

    Use this course to develop, tweak and execute your engagement and marketing strategy.

    Now, nice post. Below are a few suggestions to help you tweak your content marketing strategy and get your business off the ground.

    Face Book Community Page
    1) Google 100 Top Mommy Bloggers. Why 100. The Top Ten are already too busy to speak and too visible. Go after the 50 below in the Top 100 list. They are eager for publicity and visibility. Add links from their blogs to your FB page and give them a shout out using their Twitter and FB links.

    2) Get existing clients to promote your FB page with their child’s pics and comments. Get them to share information about child care, etc.

    Blog about topics that support the core of your business strategy and end result.
    1) New Motherhood
    2) Expectant Moms – Lot’s of Mom’s love to have pics of their baby bump.
    3) Guest Mommy Blogger articles
    4) Photos
    5) Links to your FB, Instagram and Twitter page

    Create a Twitter Chat. ( Lots of visibility here) You will of course be the moderator of the chat. Invite guest to answer questions regarding the topic of your choice that supports your core business strategy and end result.

    Blog Talk
    Talk about photographer, invite guest and experts in the areas that support your core business strategy and end result. Talk about event planning ( all aspects of event planning, before, after and follow up)

    On Facebook, Twitter promote the 30 day picture challenge. Blog Talk Radio do a 15 minute show about the 30 day picture challenge and circulate on FB and Twitter and any other social media where you have a profile.

    Nice content strategy — It’s a new business, but incorporate a just a little bit more tactics (brief) that will lead you to your end result for each objective.

    Congrats. Good job.


  5. It sounds like you have some solid plans to make connections within your community to help you gain some exposure. I especially like the idea of advertising now to get some business taking senior portraits– that would be a great way to start getting your name out there to promote your new business. Kudos to you for following your dream and making it a reality! I wish you all the best 🙂


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