Social media; Working for Rela

Relay for life is a part of one of the largest non-profit organizations American Cancer Society. Social media opens the doors for Relay for Life to build local communities the extend across a national cause. Relay for Life strives to eliminate cancer, and creating more birthdays. Although Relay for Life is a well established program, already utilizing social media, it also can benefit by an enhanced marketing team. By increasing local social media participation, Relay for Life can increase involvement in the events by all aspects.

The fight against Cancer is a hefty goal, but it all breaks down into involvement. The more people who talk about Relay for Life, the more people who know about it making these events possible. Building local community social media will increase local community volunteers, local business donors and local participants. Each of these lead up to the ultimate goal of fundraising the fight against cancer.  Local social media sites for Relay for Life can hone in on specific community needs vs. solely the national need. The sites can connect with local area businesses that can help by supporting events by marketing advertisement on their own social media page, providing volunteers and participants on event day and also possibly sponsoring events. By pairing with one local business, we reach their online social community as well.

By targeting the social media as a community page vs.  just the national cause we are personalizing the movement. Social media can then link in with the national Facebook page, but serve the community area. By building this circle, we increase local community engagement. We can also reach local community survivors or local community fighters who may be in need, and our organization can impact them directly. Below is the link to my slide share for the Community Relay for Life Campaign.



  1. I really like that you chose to use Relay for Life. I agree with you when you say that “it all breaks down into involvement” and that involvement is what makes events like Relay for Life possible. It’s not always about curing cancer, but rather supporting cancer through involvement in a community. Your point about Relay for Life using a marketing team is perfect. It’s such a big event and needs to be well promoted. I also liked how you mentioned serving the community area through social media by reaching out to local businesses. Also, on your PowerPoint, your bullet on increasing engagement with photos is a great idea because it allows the community to see how much fun an event was! Nice post you made a lot of good points!


  2. I like how you talked about when connecting with one business (or more) it affords the opportunity to connect with that busniesses online social community. This is just another great example of how social media can be used as a networking tool to engage with the community. A much larger audience can be reached, increasing the amount of people who may potentially take interest in the company. Good post!


  3. My favorite thing about your post is that it has a lot to do with volunteers. Another non-profit organization in which volunteers are the backbone. I feel like social media, as you pointed out, can be a great tool for volunteer recruitment because of how easy it is to share and get large amounts and groups of people at one time. Everything comes back to engaging the community. We need their buy in and their support to be able to get our CEO’s buy in and support. Great post.


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