Social Media = Community Engagement


Social media presents an opportunity to connect with the surrounding community, which is an exciting prospect for the local Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT).  The vision of the CCR Team is to create a “safe, just equitable, and healthy environment” through community collaboration.  This team believes that because domestic abuse is a community problem, the entire community should have the opportunity to respond to this issue.  Currently, there are only four people who regularly attend these monthly meetings.  Community members and representatives from other area agencies should be a part of these meetings to increase collaboration and generate new ideas.

If the goal of the CCR Team is to use community collaboration to address issues, then it is clear that four people do not accurately represent the entire community.   Using social media will afford us the chance to connect with community members through Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.  LinkedIn could be used to connect with other professionals in the area.  Also, our meetings are held at a time that may make it inconvenient for others to attend; it is held at noon on the last Thursday of every month.  This is lunch hour for a lot of working professionals, so they may not be able to attend the meetings.  However, incorporating the use of Google Hangout may encourage members who cannot physically attend, to be there virtually.  This is going to create awareness, which in turn will gain more support from the community.  There is a DV Rally fundraiser held each year and attendance has been low the last couple of years.  Through creating awareness, potential for monetary gain exists through donations from the community.  These are just some examples of the soft and hard ROI of using social media for this particular team.

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