Community Managers: Just “Like” Us


            As popularity in social media websites increase, internet advertisement is becoming vastly superior to traditional advertising.  As a result, an essential component to companies today is a community manager. A community manager is a crucial implementation to any company wanting to communicate with their customer and fan base.  Community managers represent the face of their brand and help to sponsor events and promotions within the company through social networking websites.  Because these community managers serve as the representation to a brand, their occupation requires a special skill set.  Community managers are more than just employees who need to have a good grasp of social media networks; they also need to be able to think on their toes.  Improving a brand’s customer base is the primary goal of the community manager, and in order to meet this goal, an individual needs to have strong communication skills.  The role of a community manager requires an individual to be able to communicate well with both offline and online audiences.
            This profession also requires good judgment with information that, from time to time, pours into a company’s database.  Whether using this judgment on news articles, questions or feedback from customers, a community manager’s attitude reflects the brand’s image.  In this profession, it is up to the manager to determine the best ways to handle feedback from customers and respond in a suitable manner.  Online networking communities consist of a wide array of people with unique personalities.  Therefore, a community manager must be able to empathize and accommodate to the individuals within that audience in order to show that customers’ opinions and thoughts matter.  A community manager should also be able to see the brand through the consumer’s eyes so that he/she can use that feedback to create a positive image for the brand.
            A vital skill that a community manager must to possess is dedication.  With this occupation there are not set work hours within the day, as it is more of a lifestyle.  Community managers must be available to their fan base at almost any given time to ensure high satisfaction.
 brand that would greatly benefit from a community manager is Macintosh (Apple).  In society today, social networking sites are critical for brands such as Apple due to their innovation of new products.  With smart phones, laptops and tablets, social networking sites are accessible from almost anywhere at any time.  Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are excellent methods that it can easily use to advertise events and promotions that are sponsored by the Apple brand.  Reaching an audience through social media would not only let the public know about specials and promotions but it would also increase the brand’s customer base.  The more this company could promote its products over the web, the larger their fan and consumer base would grow.  Depending on the skills that the community manager has developed, a company like Apple could only benefit from social media networking sites.



  1. Good quote, because it is sooooo true! ” A vital skill that a community manager must to possess is dedication. With this occupation there are not set work hours within the day, as it is more of a lifestyle.”


  2. Your sentence “Community managers must be available to their fan base at almost any given time to ensure high satisfaction” is the same thing I thought when first started reading about community managers. However, I think that as long as there is a response within a 24 hour period, I think most customers would understand. Community managers also need time to unplug, although they may have a hard time doing so!


    1. Good point Heather. This is why Community Mgrs use aggregate tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Not all comments or post require immediate responses unless there is a crisis or urgent customer service matter. But 8 hours is the maximum time for a response when it comes to true engagement with your online community. Response time to the community is something that the Comm Mgr should carve out in their day. Just my humble opinion.

      Responding from iPad Mini. Forgive typos.


  3. I like your comment about dedication. Aside from the point you made about the hours being unpredictable, I think another part of dedication is the need for a community manager to be dedicated to the brand. If Apple had a community manager who used a PC at home, I think people would freak out. This example may be a little extreme, but nonetheless, it is crucial that the community manager actually care about the brand and not just see it as a job. This way, when they are communicating with the community they will be expressing genuineness which looks good for any company.


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