Buy-in Arguments

Below are some of my arguments and answers I have created to questions I may encounter when delivering the buy-in portion of my social media strategy presentation. This was an excellent assignment to get me thinking about my final presentation and to place myself in the shoes of a presenter. Social media hasn’t been my thing in the past, but I hope I have shown some form of learning throughout the semester! I encourage all constructive criticism and/or feedback anyone may have. Enjoy!


Buy-in arguments

Who are you inviting to the meeting?
                – Our run/walk is a non-profit organization and therefore, we will be inviting the Executive Director to our social media presentation.

Lowest Hanging Fruit
                – The goals of our run/walk are to bring awareness to the Wounded Warrior Project, increase community knowledge of the UWSP Sports Medicine Club, and provide a fun and safe event for kids and adults to participate in. To complete these goals, we need to be able to reach the most amount of people possible. With the increasing use of social media, it is in our best interest to implement social media strategies to reach our targeted community.

Negative Comments
There are always going to be doubters and naysayers no matter how strong of a case you present. It is my goal to use these doubters and turn their negative comments into positives by bringing up valid argument points. An example argument may be: why social media… which expands globally and may not be able to target our local community? Why not use paper and radio ads?
                 I will rebuttal this argument by stating that we will be using paper and radio ads but social media will be more cost effective and it actually can and will target more local residents due to increase in use of social media tools. The ability to spread the word happens at a much quicker and more frequent rate via social media than word-of-mouth.

Social Media is a growing fad
This argument will be an easy one to disclaim. All I need are 2 or 3 graphs depicting the constant and rapid growth of social media across all ages, genders, and races. For example,  according to one source, the number of tweets from 2010 to 2011 increased by 252%!

Is this going to open up lawsuits?
Ultimately this is one of the biggest questions a company may and should have. Companies have hundreds or thousands of workers and each one of these workers, if they were in a lawsuit, would be safe from being sued. But, the multi-billion dollar company they work for would not be so lucky. This is why it is vital to meet with various lawyers before implementing a social media strategy to make sure we have dotted our “i’s” and crossed our “t’s”.

How do we talk to our customers on Social Media?
The first key is listening. Before we begin talking back to our customers, we must first sit back and really listen to what our customers have to say. We will use various tools such as Twitter alerts and Google alerts which will notify us whenever someone talks about our company/brand. This will help us not only connect with our customers in a timely manner but will help us get an idea of what our customers are saying about us. Once we have listened, it is now time to communicate and interact with our customers. We will do this via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Linkedin; just to name a few. It is important we answer all customer service questions and answer them in a timely fashion. This will build a great rapport with our customers and show them we truly value their business.

How much work is this going to be and do we need to increase our staff?
The great part about using social media tools is the ability to have tweets and messages set-up ahead of time and be able to send them out to our customers on a scheduled basis with no direct effort. This gives me the ability to draft such tweets, messages first thing in the morning and have them released at times our customers are most likely to using social media sites. This allows for me to be more productive throughout the day doing various other tasks. I can also combine all of our social media sites onto one webpage/program instead of visiting each site solely. Both of these tools and strategies will greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of our Social Media Team.


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  1. Hi Greg! I think your buy-in arguments are good and you’ve provided great examples. I agree with the statement about listening to your customers and getting to know and understand them first as opposed to jumping in with what you think they need to hear or know. It’s my understaning that this is one of the biggest mistakes companies and organizations make when entering the social media world.

    This assignment really made me think too, and realize that I have learned quite a bit.


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