Sports Medicine Club – Social Media Policy

As an active member of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point Sports Medicine Club, you must fully understand what is expected of you while being a member of this organization. It is your responsibility to adhere to the Sports Medicine Club’s code of conduct and promote the organization in a professional manner, whether that be in or out of organizational activities.

                As a college student, you may be tempted to use social media outlets to display your thoughts and feelings. Social media entails all forms of communicating over the internet, whether that be via blog, social networking web site, journal, personal website, professional website or any other type of electronic communication. As a member of the UW-SP Sports Medicine Club you must understand any harassment, bullying, or any other negative comments/actions toward another individual/group has a direct, negative effect on the Sports Medicine Club.

                As a member of the UW-SP Sports Medicine Club you are agreeing to adhere to the following:

– Represent yourself in a professional manner both during and outside organizational activities. As an organization which promotes both personal growth and professional growth, any negative publicity can be detrimental and condescending to the mission statement of the Sports Medicine Club. Acting professional includes following the proper dress code, using proper language online and offline, being on time for all group activities, and always promoting yourself and the organization in a positive manner.

– Always be fair and polite to fellow group members and any other persons coming in contact with the Sports Medicine Club and its activities. Any actions deemed inappropriate may result in termination from the club. Inappropriate actions are defined as being actions which may cause harm to another person’s well-being. These may include verbal and non-verbal actions, dress, and behaviors.

– Personal use of social media is not permitted during hours which you are acting as a member of the UW-SP Sports Medicine Club. Along with using social media, there should be no use of cameras, camera phone, or any other picture taking device unless authorized by your direct supervisor to your via verbal confirmation.