Our Social Media Policy; If you can’t go to work, get the job done RIGHT, and still have fun…stay home!

The ‘Teach a Kid to Swim’ foundation and summer camp has a clear defined mission that we hold to the highest slandered; “To teach children how to swim in a smart, safe, innovative, and fun way! With all hands on board, it’s bound to be a great summer!” Thus, it is important that each member of our team believe in our mission to the fullest and devote their energy to reaching as many children as possible with the success of this program.  With our fast growing popularity, it is important that we maintain a professional image.

The ‘Teach a Kid to Swim Summer Camp’ team member code of conduct is as follows:

  • Represent yourself in a respectful and caring way at all times, inside and outside of the camp. Each team member is responsible for maintaining their individual integrity and the integrity of the entire team of employees.
  • Respect each team member, child, parent, guardian, and community member inside and outside of the camp that you may come across.  This includes but is not limited to your actions, speech, appearance, attitudes, and behavior.  Treat each person you come in contact with, with the appropriate amount of care.
  • All personal use of website, social media sites, and blogs must be kept appropriate and respectful; these websites and online interactions can be assessed at any time by the public.  They can serve as a direct reflection of the camp.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy for the use of any social media website during your scheduled shift and/or while physically on the grounds of the camp.  There is to be no use of camera phones, cameras, or any other devise that has picture taking capability  while directly on the grounds of the camp, especially when there are children of any age present.
  • The ‘Teach a Kid to Swim’ Facebook page, survey site, monthly email list, and website commentary will be the responsibility of the Community Manager.  No team member other than the CM is to compose any FINAL post, email, or response on any of the web pages previously stated, or any new sites that may be added later.  Team members should all work together to think of ideas, but all FINAL postings will be made by the Community Manager.
  • Any information that is a private matter of the camp should not be talked about, posted about, or blogged about with a third party.  
  • If you are witness to any breaching of the rules above, contact the Executive Direction and any other persons of authority within the camp.
  • Any use of inappropriate language over the internet (email, social media, blogs, posts, etc.), or on the grounds of the camp will result is an immediate dismissal from the camp for a undisclosed amount of time. 


Signing this document means that you agree to the rules and information listed above.  If you fail to comply with any of the rules listed for you, a meeting will be called for your chance to explain your actions and a chosen jury of executives will determine your future with the ‘Teach a Kid to Swim Summer Camp’.




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