Group Fitness social media policy

Social Media Policy

Opening Statement: Stevens Point Area YMCA group fitness will provide a safe environment in which all participants are treated in a caring, honest, respectful and responsible way. Our mission charges us to “build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.”

YMCA of Stevens Point Group Fitness Code of Conduct for Personal Web sites and Web-Logs (Blogs) and Other Social Networking Sites

As a paid YMCA employee, it is every staff member’s responsibility to deliver on the Y’s promise and mission and to project and further the mission. This includes all dealings with the community; inside and outside the workplace, both on and off duty. It is the responsibility of any Y employee to avoid any inappropriate speech or behavior in the presence of our community members at all times. No one should have reason to be offended or embarrassed by YMCA’s staff’s speech, appearance or conduct.

–          Your YMCA telephone answering message, voicemail, personal website, email address, text messages, blog posts and Facebook interactions are all accessible to the community at large. Therefore, they must be consistent with the YMCA’s mission and values.

–          Any personal website, blog or Facebook interaction should not contain commentary that violates the YMCA’s policies on harassment or discrimination.

–          YMCA staff should promote the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in their speech and behavior at the YMCA, with the community and in any public forum.

–          Any information that is confidential or proprietary to the YMCA should not be disclosed to any third party. Additionally, you are strictly forbidden from posting copyrighted material or any intellectual property that belongs to another organization or to someone else.

–          Unless specifically authorized by the YMCA, time spent participating in the above mentioned computer activities must not interfere with your job duties. If a manager determines that an employee is not working to their full potential because of personal misuse of YMCA technology, disciplinary action will be taken up to and including termination of employment.

–          The YMCA does not intend to interfere with any employee’s private life, but publicly observable communications, actions or words are not private. All YMCA staff must use good judgment and discretion. If you want your use of technology to be private, do not allow it to be seen in the electronic public forum. If you or your words are public, make sure they are not contradicting with your role at the YMCA and they are reflective of the mission and values of our association.

–          What do we do if an employee posts something inappropriate? The branch site administrator

deletes the post and emails the employee stating “Dear Employee, your recent wall posting on our Facebook site did not reflect the values of the YMCA of Stevens Point and as such we removed it. It is also a direct violation of YMCA Social Networking Policy. Please call me as soon as possible so we can meet to discuss your posting. Thank you”.

I agree to be bound by the YMCA Code of Conduct and rules as well as those governing online communications both during the period of my employment and after I cease to be employed by the YMCA.

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