Let’s DIVE into Action..The Role of the Community Manager

The ‘Teach a Kid to Swim Foundation’ (or T.K.T.S as we like to call it) has a clear cut mission statement that they weave through every aspect of the summer camp; its thoughts, beliefs, and goals for the present and future. The following is our mission statement: “To teach children how to swim in a smart, safe, innovative, and fun way! With all hands on board, it’s bound to be a great summer!”

For a small to medium sized organization like the Teach a Kid to Swim summer camp, it is important for everyone who is in charge of an aspect of its success to work hand in hand collaboratively. When all members of a team are all working towards roughly the same goal, their individual titles can become intertwined. For example, the members of the board would need to put their stamp of approval on almost idea that was presented to the camp meaning that they would be affiliated with everyone from the Executive Director to Community fundraisers and coordinators. In the case of our Community Manager, they would need to be extremely knowledgeable about up to date statistics, information, and data on different social media networks and what is going to work best to achieve the goals of the camp. What has been the most successful?? They would then need to present this information to the marketing team to illustrate the best plan, or best practice, for small summer camp like organizations to follow. The Community Manager has to be hardworking, dedicated to a specific cause, and be able to explain information gathered to someone outside of the ‘camp family’

Our Community Manager here at the ‘Teach a Kid to Swim summer camp’ has decided to focus her attention on tweaking our present Facebook page for the camp, using online rating websites for past summer attendees and their parents or guardians, and sending camp updates, renovations, and current news to people who have inquired about the camp via email or Facebook and given permission to use their email.   We also have a “T.K.T.S. By Mail” option that can help get whatever information that someone is trying to acquire, but can’t go online regularly, a current set of camp info. This program is run by our marketing team.  It is then her responsibility to gather media site feedback, survey responses, and other comments that are received via email and postal and turn it into understandable and usable data that we can analyze and use to make future decisions.

It is very important that our Community Manager (CM) know the ‘Rules of Engagement’. These rules outline the ins and outs of using social media and marketing not only effectively but properly. It is of utmost importance that our CM does not ‘spam’ any and every one that hits the ‘like’ button on our page. That is an easy way to turn people off of our organization and make them not wont to request us to their friends. By spamming I mean sending advertisements directly to people via email and clogging Facebookers newsfeeds. That’s a big no no. Instead, it is better to post your mission statement in the information area of your profile and only use the networking site to post short updates and things of that nature. When posting, it’s important to have a voice and personality that can be picked up through your words, and not to sound like a cold, uncaring robot with a keyboard! Lastly, be open to diversity. In other words, just be nice!! It’s important to remember that our organization is where parents send their children to learn a valuable life skill, so we need to maintain a responsible, caring, and trustworthy image. Our CM will have a great deal of independence, or autonomy, so it is vital that they do not abuse their power and truly believe in our mission.

The different departments that help run the camp with meet together on a regular basis with the CM and discuss and decide what events, activities and updates the public needs to become aware of. The CM will then work closely with Marketing and Coordinators to develop a plan, research the best practice for it, and report back to the Executive Director before anything is sent out by mail, posted online, or posted around local neighborhoods.


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  1. Kayla,
    First congrats on making the Teach A Kid To Swim Foundation into brand. I really like how you explained the mission and gave the brand a personality.

    You also did an excellent job of sharing with us not only what the Community Manager (CM) will do in the future, but what she needs to do now, that wasn’t done in the past ( such as tweaking the FB page ) in order to have future engagement with the parents and people who contribute to the foundation.

    Last but not least you captured how the CM will not only work with coordinators and other personnel involved in online and off line activities. But how the CM will work closely with upper management such as the Executive Director ( ED) to ensure proper monitoring of both online and offline activities are being acknowledge to ensure program success or to go back and revisit the strategies, objectives or tactics to see what is and is not working and why?

    Again, congrats! You are providing some very good content.


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