The Effectiveness of Customer Service


I have read that 70% of American would spend more money in a business that provides good customer service . In order to have a successful business they have to provide a memorable costumer service experience; also provide them in all it kinds personally, phone, e-mail, the Internet, and all forms of written communication, and all time. Making-customers-happy_thumb

You can make your customers work as marketers for your good when they talk about the great service deals that they got from your business.

publishConsumer talk to their friends and with all the new social media now like facebook, twitter, youtube, my blog and many others were they can write a compline or satisfaction about a business, were the news spread faster between the people. People don’t need to be on television to destroy a business or make it success.

I love the live chat that some companies provide in their websites, so they can answer the customer question or know their complaint directly and effectively, which will leave the consumer happy and satisfied. Therefore, the company should look at the personality and patience of Customer Service employee.



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  1. Hi Alanood, very nice post.

    Good customer service starts with a developing a good strategy that integrates traditional and social media strategies. The good thing about integrating social media tools and channels into your customer service strategy is the company is saying “Yes, I want to listen to what my customers are saying about the product or brand.” Also, by integrating social media tools and channels into your customer service strategy the company is making a smart move to not just “use social media” but to use social media to listen, engage and most importantly monitor customer engagement. They can monitor what is being said, brand visibility and more important brand loyalty.

    Providing good customer service is key for any small to large size business or for profit or non-profit. Companies need to go beyond adding social media by creating a Facebook page or Twitter account. This is not a strategy and a very wobbly step. If listening and engagement is poorly executed and the community is not properly monitored then the move to create a social media account can prove to be a disaster.

    By integrating social media tools that allow the company to listen and engage with their online community and users of their brand, while also monitor and measuring the results is important. This involves developing a good strategy and knowing what to measure. The strategy should include not only know how to measure feedback, comments and post by users of the brand, but also how is the company going to use this data to enhance customer service, better the product and sustain or enhance brand loyalty.


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