Million Dollar Madness

A company having no effective way to measure their brand is sort of like going on a blind date set up by your grandma…It’s probably not going to work! That is why having a plan of attack when it comes to using social media to measure the value of your brand is essential. Using digital tools such as twitter or facebook to collect this data is another great tool to have in your toolbelt.


Let’s take Facebook for example, each time you log onto facebook their are numerous ads lining the right side of your page. What a great way to to reach over 400 million people!!…unless you stop there. I bet many companies stop right there and never take the time to find out if their ads are working for them. Companies can measure the value of their brand through likes, mentions, visits,etc…using social media outlets. It is through using these tools that the “good” companies grow and learn from customer engagement and have the ability to enhance their customer service.