Engaged and Spending Money

socialmedia 5 Social Media Customer Service Tips for Small Business

Social media can impact hundreds to millions of people in a matter of seconds.  With sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube and the like many companies are noticing the benefits of being engaged in these efforts.  If a company sells a product and someone is not pleased they can spread the word quickly and hurt the company or the opposite can happen when a customer is happy.  Ultimately this is the main goal of a company.  If a customer is happy they are likely to come back and use your services as well as let their friends know how great the services.  In today’s world customer service is huge for keeping customers happy and spending money.   When I think of this I think of a gym in Ohio called EliteFTS.  They have a webpage that is very interactive and have some of the best customer service in the fitness industry.  I know this from personal experience as they always respond in a timely manner and guarantee a full replacement of the product or their money back, and they stick to it.  They are very connected in the twitter world as they are constantly putting out new training ideas, products, marketing seminars, etc…  They have made their website very interactive as they have forums, question and answer segments, a plethora of exercise videos on YouTube and articles that are published weekly.  All of these tools are key for customer engagement and retention.  They are constantly coming up with new ideas and listen to their customers when they have complaints.  They have even changed their product entirely when they have too many complaints.  Cross fit also does an excellent job in keeping their customers engaged.  They post workouts daily on their Facebook as well as inspirational stories and links to products and services.  By using social media companies can reach a vast array of different types of people but to keep the people interested customer engagement is huge, and if the customer feels as if they have a say in the company they will come back and recommend it to their friends.  It helps everyone in the situation.