Your Call is Important to Us…Please Hold.

Have you ever seen one of thoimagesCAZJ404Yse “How are we driving?” signs on the back of large semi-trucks? If so, how often have you just wanted to scream “TERRIBLY”!? If you’re lucky, the sign will have a corresponding number that you can call and “share your complaints or praises” with, but you know that if you even bother to call all that will get you is an office receptionist who is more than likely never going to bother passing your message along. It’s the same song and dance with a lot of other companies, like clothing vendors for example. You receive your product in the mail that you have been counting down the days for, you rip up the box quickly as the suspense is killing you, and to your disappointment it’s all wrong! With a frown on your face, you dial the 1-800 number expecting to be connected to someone, ANYONE that can give you a straight answer. Instead, you are now in the middle of a ‘press this’ and ‘press that’, talking to a machine, that is probably not even going to get you where you want to be. By the time you even talk to a real person, you can’t even remember why it is that you’re calling! This is the major problem with having adequate customer service. No one is putting themselves in the shoes of the person actually buying the product.

If a company wants to be as successful as they can be during these ever-changing times, they need to start taking customer care more seriously. Today, if a customer has one unpleasant experience with a company and their lack of customer service, that bad news can travel at warp speed and tarnish the reputation of that brand. A way that customer service within a company can be improved is by using social media to their advantage. Social media is the perfect tool for companies to be able to monitor customer complaints, instead of having a generic webpage for complaints that is not carefully reviewed. If a company is able to give faster responses to negative feedback and experiences, they can in turn improve the quality of their brand and gain more customers and business by improving the attitudes of their customer base.


The issue is fairly cut and dry. All a company has to do is maintain the notion to themselves and their customers that customer service is number one, above and beyond. Customers have to feel secure knowing that something they are spending their hard-earned money on is going to be what they want, and is going to be worth it. Social media is the key to doing so.



  1. Hi Kayla,

    Another great post and fantastic graphics. I am very pleased with the energy you are putting into your post.

    I like your content. Your call is important to us please hold. Today, no one wants to hold. To even get to “on hold” you have to go through a series of prompts that often times gets you to a customer service department. Not a customer service ambassador or brand ambassador.

    I also like your comment regarding the request on the back of the truck. Again, No, I don’t want to call you while I am driving. The trucking company really does not care about your feedback because who can remember a 10 digit number while they themselves are driving? Also, if they are going to use social media, then why not ask “How is our driving? Please use the twitter handle or hashtag #drivingisgreat.” Send their comments to the company’s social media channel and as a company listen and monitor the comments, about your drivers and also your brand.

    It has been said before, but companies fail by just adding social media to their mix. They need a clear strategy, with goals that are understood by all involved, such as the customer service department. And within the goals they need to spell out what type of tools they will use to measure the effectiveness of the questions “How are we doing?” And how will they communicate back to those who took the time to respond that they did indeed listen?

    You are correct, the issue is cut and dry. But companies need to go far beyond the notion that their customers are number one, they need to also believe and demonstrate their belief that they intend to deliver a good product/service by listening to their customers.

    Strategy and measurement are key.


  2. You are so right. My favorite customer service story is an interaction I had with Zappos. I love Zappos custumer service anyway, and I love that you get whatever you ordered the very next day, but I had the customer service call of my life when I ordered a pair of jeans from Zappos. The packaged arrived, and, as you said, I was so excited and ripped open the package! I tried my jeans on immediately and while examining myself in the mirror sporting my new jeans, I noticed a blugle in the back pocket. What did I fish out of the back pocket? A baggie half full of marijuana! I had one of the most fun conversations of my life with the customer service rep at Zappos! She was amazing AND I got a new pair of free jeans, exactly like the ones I ordered. So, two for the price of one!


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