Social Media in a Changing World

In todays corporate world social media has an impact that affects all aspects of the corporate umbrella.  Since social media has expanded there has been a shift in who owns the brand for companies.  Wit facebook, twitter, youtube, and other social media sites becoming more popular, the consumer has more and more power to help or harm a company.  Information about a brand or product can be instantly gratified by someone who enjoys the product, and they can in turn connect this positive energy with all of their friends, and their friends share with all of theirs.  It is a cascade affect that can happen in minutes, hours or days.  With a market economy the main focus is to make money.  People are being hired just to manage social media markets and enhance the brand of the company.  Wit this the face of the company often lies with those who set up these sites and portray information.  This person should be likeable yet professional and always push the brand not personal interest.  As a company it is important to stay on top of the technological world so that a large number of customers can be reached which will hopefully increase sales and profits.