Community Management &Marketing

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Community Management & Marketing

Before diving into community management and marketing, it is important to access where the organization currently stands on important questions about your brand management and marketing.  These concept is from Olivier Blanchard’s book Social Medai ROI.

Please take a few minutes to decide which end of the spectrum you currently exist.

1.  Are you respectful or are you a spammer?

2.  Is your content valuable or self-serving?

3.  Are you capable of using all social media channels efficiently or are you ineffective?

4.  Do you understand marketing’s part in social media or is “social” a marketing term used in multiple channel that’s purpose is unclear

Now that you have rated yourself on which end of each spectrum you currently lie, it is time to discuss key concepts about community management and marketing.  There are four major responsibilities of the community manager that are represented in the image below.  They are all on-going and are related to one another and the organization.

Representing the organization in online forums is the everyday posting of information on the different media channels.  Being the voice in the community inside the organization involves listening to what the costumers and the competitor’s customers are saying about the organization and bringing that information to the team.  Mediating disputes as they arise is important to maintain client satisfaction.  Keeping content fresh and interesting is about keeping the audience engaged.  A successful community manager needs to acknowledge all of these areas as important and treat them accordingly.

Marketing is another important aspect of brand management.  There are several tips that can help you avoid marketing pitfalls.  Truly understanding the art of marketing in social media will determine the success or failure of the organization.