Community Manager

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Thinking about the multiple roles of the community manager, there are multiple variables to consider when deciding whether this position could be incorporated into my current position or if it would be better served as a stand alone position.

The ideal situation for my organization would be to have an independent community manager.  This person could devote all of their time to protection and promotion of the brand. This person could be thorough and complete in monitoring the outside world, and keeping the organization up to date on what is going on in the on-line world.   This person can also become the expert in brand management and host trainings for other staff who may not have as much knowledge about the position.  Increased education for other staff will increase the company’s trust for online brand management.  As our book stated, on-line brand management is not an independent marketing strategy.  Instead it should be integrated into the current way of doing things.  This person would need to embrace that philosophy and ensure that all of the tools used are consistent with the mission and vision of the organization.  One thing that could be difficult having someone newly hired for this position would be that it would be hard to gain the trust of everyone else in the organization.  Many people who have been with the organization for a long time might hesitate in embracing new technology outputs.

Although having a stand alone community manager would be the ideal situation, in non-profit the reality is that this position would be added to someone else’s job description, or a few people’s.  This would not be ideal because I do not believe that brand management would get the attention that it truly needs.  Also, if it was spread among people, I don’t know how effective that would be.   This however, is reality, so if it was added to someone’s current job, it would need to be with someone who believed in all of the different things they could do for the brand and the organization.  Someone who has buy-in to the process.  It would also be important for this person to be properly trained in the multiple tools that could be utilized.

It could be beneficial if done right for the community manager to be someone who is already existing in the organization or someone who would be a new hire.  This is something each organization must decide what is right for them.