Community Manager 24/7

While reading and thinking about the social media community manager role it seems clear that there are many perspectives on where this person should be placed in an organization and what this person should accomplish in a day. The two blog posts here,, , both related to the roles and responsibilities of a community manager dictate that the job is 24/7 and requires a breadth of awareness and connection with not only the online community but also the real world community.

 I envision a social media community manager would be place as either part of the marketing department, member/customer services or perhaps somewhere in human resources. I think it would be ideal for the community manager to come from within the organization. This ensures that the person is already aware of the company/organization and its mission, purpose and goals. As explained in Oliver Blanchard’s book, the social media program must align with the company’s goals and contribute or be reflected in outcomes. I also think a community manager would be responsible for training and implementing organization/company wide social media approaches and methods.

 Integrating the community manager roles and responsibilities throughout the company seems to me to be the best way to engage all employees and begin to change the behavior of how the organization interacts with their community.